Honors Band

Honors Band is an advanced band and considered the first performing ensemble.  Students perform at concerts and contests throughout the school year including UIL Concert & Sight-Reading Contest and participate in the All-District & All-Region audition processes.  Instrumentation is limited to students who show advanced performance abilities and superior attitudes. This group performs very difficult & mature music and requires a once a week outside of school sectional as well as other outside of school rehearsals leading up to a performance or contest.

2018-2019 TMEA CC Honor Band Contest - 3rd Place 
2017-2018 Highlights
Mozartesque March
Sheltering Sky
Selections from Wicked
Star Wars: The Last Jedi

2016-2017 TMEA CC Honor Band Contest - 2nd Place 

2015-2016 Beach Within Reach CC Grand Champions

2014-2015 TMEA CC Honor Band Contest - 4th Place 
March from Matinees Musicales
Simple Gifts: movement 1
Simple Gifts: movement 2
Simple Gifts: movement 3
Simple Gifts: movement 4
J.S. Jig

Practice Guide

2017-2018 Honors Band

2016-2017 Honors Band
The 2015-2016 ACMS Honors Band

2015 Honors Band UIL Sweepstakes Award